Purpose Statement

The County Attorney’s Office serves as legal counsel to the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials, departments, and other agencies as authorized by the Board of County Commissioners. The Office of the County Attorney is authorized pursuant to Article XIV § 8 of the Colorado Constitution and C.R.S. § 30-111-118.

Office Overview

State law requires the Office of the County Attorney to primarily represent the interests of the Board of County Commissioners, its various administrative departments, and appointed advisory boards.

Although not required by law to do so, the Office of the County Attorney also represents the interests of other elected or appointed officials when those interests are compatible with those of the County and no other legal representation is available.

Since 1986, the Office of the County Attorney has assumed the responsibility for representing the County in all public liability and tort actions as a result of the County being self-insured. Likewise, the Office of the County Attorney represents the County, its departments or other elected officials in a variety of other civil matters. Note: the County Attorney’s Office represents the County of El Paso and does not offer legal advice to its citizens.

Civil Litigation

The Litigation Department handles many civil lawsuits from service of the Complaint through Jury Trial.

Land Use

The County Attorney’s Office assists the Planning and Community Development Department to ensure legal compliance with zoning and subdivision requirements. Attorneys provide legal review of 1041 matters, subdivision issues including review of water sufficiency, review of agreements, and handling of litigation matters, including, but not limited to, code enforcement and Rule 106 actions. The County Attorney’s Office serves and advises boards, including the El Paso County Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and the Board of County Commissioners, on land use legal requirements pursuant to state and local laws. Attorneys also coordinate with the Planning and Community Development Department on local and regional planning issues.


The County Attorney’s Office provides legal advice and assistance to El Paso County Human Resources, El Paso County departments and El Paso County elected officials in employment matters. The County Attorney’s Office represents El Paso County in employment hearings, employment civil rights complaints and civil lawsuits.

Frequently Requested Information:

Traffic matters, civil litigation matters, how to find a Public Defender, how to contact a Judge:

Contact: Fourth Judicial District Courthouse

Phone: (719) 452-5000


Criminal matters and prosecution, traffic matters, consumer fraud,
economic crime matters:

Contact: Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Phone: (719) 520-6000


Legal Representation:

Contact: Private attorney of your choice,
the El Paso County Bar Association for lawyer referral, or, if you cannot afford an attorney you may wish to contact Colorado Legal Services

El Paso County Bar Association Phone: (719) 636-1532


Colorado Legal Services Phone: (719) 471-0381


Child Support

Contact: Child Support Services of Colorado

Phone: (303) 866-4300